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Monitoring and Reporting

Article 33 of the Protocol imposes two obligations on Parties:

  • To monitor their implementation of the Protocol, and
  • To report on measures taken to implement the Protocol

Becoming a Party to the Protocol, every State has the obligation to monitor its own implementation of the Protocol. Since the obligations under the Protocol are not self-executing, in order to enable their implementation it is important that Party to the Protocol lay down its own national measures, of a legislative, regulatory and institutional character.

The obligation to prepare reports on implementation for consideration by the governing body of a treaty has become a standard feature of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). Subject of these reports varies from treaty to treaty. In regards to the Protocol, obligation is to provide the information on measures to implement the Protocol. The reports are submitted to the COP-MOP at the intervals that are determined by the COP-MOP and through the Secretariat. In order to ensure that information is provided in a comparable format, the COP-MOP is responsible to provide a guidance on the format and content of the reports.

While the obligations of monitoring and reporting are separate, in practice they reinforce one another: Monitoring will provide information needed for the reporting, and, in turn, the requirement to provide reports may provide useful feedback on the way monitoring has operated, and may be improved in the future.

For the Parties to implement these obligations, it is important to have access to, or set up, reliable mechanisms of information gathering and data management at national level.

In its decision BS-I/9, the COP-MOP adopted a reporting format and requested Parties to submit reports every four years, but in the initial four-year period to submit an interim report two years after entry into force of the Protocol, i.e. by 11 September 2005.

At its third meeting, COP-MOP adopted, after considering the analysis of the interim reports that were submitted to the Parties, in decision BS-III/14, a reporting format for the first regular national report on implementation of the Protocol and outlined a schedule and the process for the preparation and synthesis of the reports for consideration at the fourth COP-MOP meeting.

COP-MOP 4 considered an analysis of first national reports prepared by the Secretariat. In its decision BS-IV/14, it requested teh Secretariat to repeat the analysis of the first national reports, submitted after the deadline and make the analysis available through the BCH. It also requested the Secretariat to propose improvements to the reporting format from experiences of the first national reports, the recommendations of the Compliance Committee and suggestions made by Parties, for consideration at COP-MOP 5. In addition, it urged the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to make financial resources available to improve capacity-building in preparing their national report.

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